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Calaveras County hosts a rich blend of California’s Gold Rush history, agriculture, recreation, and rural ambiance. The Economic & Community Development Department is responsible for attracting and retaining businesses in this beautiful county. The Department’s primary mission is to provide businesses with direct one-on-one assistance and help them navigate the regulatory process. The Department aims to enhance the economic vitality and sustainability of the community, while encouraging and helping a diverse array of businesses to thrive here. We also facilitate multi-agency response team meetings on behalf of business aimed at streamlining the permitting process. We are here to connect your business to the right people by collaborating with business associations and acting as a conduit to private, state and federal resources. No matter what stage of business development you are in, Calaveras County Economic & Community Development is committed to promoting your business and seeing it succeed.

Items of Interest

Business Resiliency Tool Kit 23 November 2020

Business Resiliency Tool Kit

Business Start-Up 14 January 2020

Business Start-Up

Find information on how to start a business in Calaveras County.

COVID-19 Business Information 2 September 2020

COVID-19 Business Information

Guidance for Businesses & Employees

Expanding Your Business 14 January 2020

Expanding Your Business

Learn how to expand your business.

Incentives 14 January 2020


Tools for opening, expanding or locating your business in Calaveras County.

Resources 14 January 2020


Learn how to connect your business to resources for success.

Workforce Development 14 January 2020

Workforce Development

Learn about opportunities, incentives, and resources for hiring employees.

Other Resources

Calaveras Visitors Bureau 14 January 2020

Calaveras Visitors Bureau

Learn why Calaveras County ranks #14 in the nation for extremely high natural amenities.  

COVID-19 for Businesses 13 March 2020

COVID-19 for Businesses

PSPS Events 14 January 2020

PSPS Events

Learn how to prepare your business for Public Safety Power Shutdowns.

2018 Calaveras Economic & Demographic Report PDF