Calaveras County Census 2020 Countdown

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Educate, Motivate and Activate Calaveras County Residents

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The 2020 Census is underway and households across America are responding every day. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the U.S. Census Bureau has adjusted 2020 Census operations in order to:

  • Protect the health and safety of Census employees and the American public;
  • Implement guidance from federal, state, and local health authorities; and
  • Ensure a complete and accurate count of all communities.

The public is strongly encouraged to respond online at (options for responding by phone or mail are also available). As of April 8, 2020, the self-response reporting timeline has been extended to August 14, 2020.

Calaveras County is participating in California’s Complete Count Census 2020 effort that is a statewide outreach and awareness campaign designed to ensure an accurate and complete count of all Californians in the upcoming 2020 United States Census.

Why is the Census important? The results are used to allocate Congressional seats, electoral votes, and government program funding to state and local governments. Locally, that means funding for schools, health care, housing, roads, and vital services. Businesses use census data to decide where to build factories, offices and stores, and create jobs. Developers use census data to determine where to build new homes and revitalize aging neighborhoods.

For every person missed during the Calaveras County Census 2020 count, we are expected to lose approximately $1,950 per person, per year, for 10 years, in federal program funding – that’s almost $20,000 per person until the next census in 2030!

Our goal is to ensure that Calaveras County gets its fair share of federal resources and Congressional representation by encouraging full participation in Census 2020.  The county’s outreach campaign will focus on both the geographic areas and demographic populations who are “least likely to respond” also identified as “hard-to-count” communities. 

Please keep checking back to see Calaveras County’s Census 2020 updates and additional information.

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